What Ignites Us

We love cultivating authentic and remarkable brands by aligning your vision with the expectations, wants, and needs of your customers.
We take your business seriously and work collaboratively with you to create effective solutions.

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About Wyld Creative Agency

We are a fluid-based agency, which means we specialize in branding and design but bring in specialists to collaborate on projects that are not necessarily our forte. While working at advertising agencies, Danielle Lucas was able to observe the shortcomings of an agency environment. She wanted to create a company where the client always comes first, projects are not rushed, and specialists are involved when needed.

Why The Chili Pepper?

The chili pepper symbolizes warmth and friendship. We like to create partnerships and friendships with our clients. Our success is achieved by helping you succeed.  Our founder, Danielle Lucas, found her love of food through her international travels. While living in Malaysia and traveling around South East Asia, she grew an appreciation of this little fruit.

In South West US and some Latin countries, chili peppers are hung up in kitchens and are believed to bring health and good luck to the kitchen and to the chef. Every Saturday morning in India, Hindu families string together seven green chilis and a lemon to bring them luck. In Italy, they are used for protection by hanging or placing them in a pocket.

About The Founder

As an accomplished, three-time ADDY Award-Winning Creative Director, Danielle Lucas has been helping companies build their brands and increase revenue for over sixteen years. Having worked for Advertising Agencies as the head Creative Director in South Florida and New York City, she has now opened Wyld Creative in Bluffton, SC.

Creative Director and Owner
Danielle Lucas

About our creative process

01. Research

Discovery and research of competitors and customers.
Website audit and mapping of customer journey. Access online presence.
Create a plan and strategic framework.

02. Concept

Sketching & brainstorming.
Develop a basic brand style and language at this stage, or examine current brand for implementation.

03. Design

Design is built up from both the research and concept phase. Visuals are put in place.

04. Development

This is where it all come together. Ideas and design collide and come to life.
Brands and websites are developed and campaigns are set to run.

05. Launch

Time to celebrate and hear the great feedback from your customers.

06. Support

Website, social media, marketing materials and other ongoing support as needed.

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