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Just like cooking, good branding and design need to have a solid balance, which is sometimes only noticeable to the trained eye or connoisseur. From a complex mole to subtle sauce, adding is just as important as holding back. Regardless of the dish there needs to be a cohesive story... What is you story?

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Branding & Logo Design

Building a brand isn’t simple, it encompasses way more than just having a beautiful logo. Creating a brand that truly resonates with your customers, so they keep coming back for more, requires a lot of hard work. The reward is a loyal audience and a sustainable business. From the visuals and website to the food and feel of the location. It needs to be a cohesive package with one story — a symphony of flavors. This is why we work collaboratively with our clients to attain a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve and overcome.

Our logo process

01. Research

Discovery and research of competitors and customers.
Create a plan and strategic framework. Research also helps weed out cliché ideas that may be overused in your area of practice. It also helps with positioning within the market.

02. Brandscapes

Brandscapes are created and presented to portray a general feeling of the brand. Brandscapes are used to gain a more solid insight into your preferences. What is presented will not necessarily be used in the brand but show a general feeling/voice/tone.

03. Brainstorm/Concept

Develop concept and basic brand style and language, or examine current brand for implementation. A lot of time is spent in brainstorming/conceptualizing.

04. Sketching / Conceptualizing

While a logo may seem simple to create, it’s actually quite difficult and time consuming to create a quality design that meets the various requirements of a good logo (aesthetically pleasing, timeless, versatile, unique, appropriate and memorable). A lot of time is spent in brainstorming/conceptualizing.

05. Refinement of rough concepts

This process involves digitally re-creating sketched concepts, ensuring logo(s) work well in various sizes, making any necessary design changes, font explorations and color schemes.

06. Presentation

Usually presented in mock-up form (ex: on a business card, signage, shirts etc). This will help provide you with a better sense of how the logo will look as part of a cohesive brand identity.

06. Brand Manual

A brand identity system and guidelines is used to ensure a cohesive brand. Brand guidelines include how a logo/brand mark should be presented, brand color palette, typography, photography usage and style, and any secondary design elements such as textures and shapes.

Components of a remarkable brand

We don't just help you build a brand. We help you build a business.
Branding is a holistic process, the business as a whole needs to be taken into account.

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Have a why

64% of people state shared values as the main reason for an ongoing relationship with a brand. Along with "what" and "how" a brand needs a clear "why" in order to have an emotional connection with its customers. Why was your company started? What is its purpose, and why do you do what you do?

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A clear brand promise

What are you promising, and how? To not lose brand loyalty, the company needs to be able to deliver on its brand promise. What is your brand's overall message? How is it being communicated? 45% of a brand's image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it.

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A clear target market

By speaking to everyone, you might as well talk to no one. Your customer needs to feel like you are speaking their language, and what you are saying is relatable. You need a clear idea of who your ideal customer is. Customer loyalty can be significantly more valuable over a one time customer, not to mention a source of referrals and ongoing business.

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Design consistency

The human brain can process images about 60,000X faster than words.
It's essential to not only be thoughtful but consistent with your brand and its story. It portrays a sense of confidence that you will also be consistent with your service and offerings. You are also establishing your specific story, a recognizable brand, and loyal fans.

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Marketing strategy

Who is your ideal customer, and how do you reach them?
By analyzing and identifying the critical points in the customer's journey and their awareness of your brand, this helps with focusing on "what," "when," and "where" matters the most in a marketing strategy.

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A unique perspective

What are you bringing to the table that your competitors aren't? Chances are your competitors are offering something similar to your company. What makes you different, and why should people care? This uniqueness is going to determine if the customer is choosing you or someone else. How does your uniqueness align with your ideal customer?

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